RBF MADRID 2024 JULY 20th & 21th
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Unlock the Gold Pass, our Super VIP Pack, designed for those looking to reach the pinnacle of luxury by living an unforgettable experience in an exclusive and reduced environment. With this pack you get all the benefits and full access to all Reggaeton Beach Festival services.

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 For those who are looking for a complete experience, we present the Duo Super VIP Pack, to enjoy 2 nights in a 4* Hotel, a great option to enjoy all the comforts in the most exclusive area of the event with a luxury stay and the best company.

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We will share with you all the details about the exact address of the venue, Google maps location, recommendations and data on mobility, parking spaces, public transportation options and all the essentials for you to arrive on time and in the most comfortable way to REGGAETON BEACH FESTIVAL in Madrid.

LOCATION: La Caja Mágica Cmo. de Perales, 23, Usera, 28041 Madrid

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Live an unforgettable adventure in Madrid, the vibrant capital of Spain that never sleeps! Discover its rich history, delight your palate with its exquisite gastronomy and indulge in its exciting nightlife - in Madrid, every day is a new experience that will leave you wanting more!